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Our Process

“We’re fortunate to be one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies nationally. We surveyed for 4 months the major 401(k) Plan providers – insurance companies, payroll companies, robo advisors, platform brokers and custodians, banks, etc. We chose Leppla Capital. Their combination of high value investments, low fees, responsive service and personal financial education for employees is unmatched. In addition to the standard services, Leppla Capital provides 401(k) Plan Committee Board Minutes, a customized Investment Policy Statement, everything, really, a company needs to be and stay ERISA compliant. Bruce is a former Bank CEO. He spent almost 2 days in my office and thereafter, on numerous phone calls, working one-on-one with my staff on their individual finances. No other firm does that. The employees raved. Hire Leppla Capital.”

Dr. William Ivers, CEO Clubessential, Cincinnati, OH.

Our History

“Bruce and Tim surgically de-constructed the traditional 401(k) Plan and rebuilt it from the ground up with best-in-class components throughout. Most plans are impossibly opaque, allowing providers to charge exorbitant fees. Bruce and Tim instead have built a 401(k) Plan in which you know what you’re paying for and why.”

Ethan Cohen-Cole, Director EconOne, Berkeley, CA.

“Contact Leppla Capital. They’ve partnered with a nationally respected TPA that administers over $150 billion in assets and two of the nation’s largest custodians, Schwab and TD Ameritrade. Bruce and his team will do everything they can to try to deliver your employees the largest retirement account possible.”

Lou Weller, Weller Partners LLP retired Deloitte Tax Principal
Sausalito, CA.

“I’ve known Bruce for over 45 years, from when he studied with Nobel Prize winner James Tobin at Yale through his days on Wall Street. Over the past several years I’ve watched him research the market and build Leppla Capital. Everything he does is first class. No single company can meet everyone’s needs. But if you’re interested in the most inventive, supportive and forthright players in the 401(k) arena, you have to give careful consideration to Leppla Capital.”

William Mackoff, retired Deutsche Bank Director
New York, NY.

“In the 25 years I’ve known him, Bruce Leppla has been a bank president, a real estate developer and a nationally known anti-fraud litigator on behalf of pension funds and their beneficiaries. In each of these capacities, he’s shown a remarkable ability to creatively re-engineer conventional thinking and come up with novel solutions to difficult problems.

Now he’s turned his considerable talents to re-engineering the pension fund advisory business into a vehicle for the achievement of the highest safe returns at the lowest cost and with the greatest security and transparency, through his company Leppla Capital.

Bruce recently invited me to review the Leppla Capital business model. Here’s what I found:

  • Returns: Leppla Capital’s model portfolios outperform market averages for 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year terms.
  • Fees: Leppla Capital’s stated fee is all you pay; there are no hidden costs, kickbacks, discounts or add-ons.
  • Security: Leppla Capital’s unique performance guarantee puts a meaningful floor under your risk.
  • Transparency: Leppla Capital’s programs are explained in plain English with a minimum of jargon and no incomprehensible disclaimers.”

Karl Bemesderfer, Esq., former KPMG Senior Consultant; currently CA Administrative Law Judge
San Francisco, CA.