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Exceptional 401(k) Plan Services

We believe that Leppla Capital offers a dramatically better retirement plan for employers and employees. Our Plans are not "off-the-shelf." Rather they are custom designed, using only best-in-class investment options. We never accept placement fees from vendors for the use of their funds in our Plans. We listen to you, and design your Plan according to your firm's needs.

To the Employer/ Plan Sponsor, we offer:

  • A “turn-key” 401(k) Plan solution – the Employer need look no further than our firm.
  • Fiduciary protection.
  • Risk tolerance-based portfolios.
  • A wide range of ETFs and mutual funds organized by asset class.
  • Industry sector specific investments (e.g., health care, commodity or real estate ETFs).
  • Customized model asset allocation portfolios.
  • Best-in-class target date funds.
  • High-quality life insurance products including annuities for those retirees who want guaranteed income.
  • The flexibility of self-directed accounts, if desired.

To the Employee, we offer:

  • Financial Education: We believe that knowledge is power in assuring employee comfort and success with their retirement plan. That’s why we offer comprehensive 1:1 financial educational services.
  • Personalized guidance in understanding risk profile and investment options.
  • Superior investment portfolio construction.
  • ETFs and mutual funds that have historically superior investment returns.
  • The potential for larger retirement savings accounts due to compounding higher returns and lower fees. 
  • Transparency in investment options.
  • Automated investment rebalancing so the employee’s risk and investment preferences are maintained over time.

We invite you to join the CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Human Resource Officers who are moving away from standardized Plans with high fees and low returns and putting their trust in Leppla Capital.

Client Centered

Please contact us for a complimentary fiduciary review of your current Plan. We'll provide you valuable insights on:

  • Your current Plan’s fees.
  • Hidden costs and expenses.
  • Any additional income your current plan provider is making against your best interests.
  • Investment quality.
  • Annuity quality.
  • Investment policies.
  • Fiduciary compliance matters such as board composition.
  • ERISA-mandated “top heavy” rules compliance.
  • ERISA-mandated discrimination testing compliance.
  • The quality of employee financial education as required by ERISA.

Contact Us for a Confidential Investment Services Fiduciary Review.

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