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Our firm is hardly the first to observe that many major Wall Street investment firms and large insurance conglomerates put themselves first and the financial interests of their clients second. It’s easy to do when such firms have high fixed overhead, tier after tier of management personnel to pay and salary and bonus plans tied to outsized investment management fees and/or the sale of high commission investment products. 

Leppla Capital is different. We founded Leppla Capital with a commitment to provide high value-add, low cost and tax efficient products and services. We believe that investment return compounding is optimal when investment quality is superior and investment management fees and transaction costs are low. 

Leppla Capital serves as your trusted fiduciary – we are held to the highest legal standards of duty and care and the highest level of professional integrity. We are not brokers. We never sell your data. Client communications are confidential. We never accept revenue sharing, soft dollars or other inducements to place investments in client accounts. Our Code of Ethics strictly prohibits us from engaging in conflicts of interest with our clients. In short, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you as your trusted ally.

We respect and value our clients. Bruce is available 8AM-5PM PT Monday-Friday at or 415-309-3535. Feel free to be in touch. 

A Fiduciary is someone who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with an entity or person. 

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