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Disciplined Investment Management Services

Leppla Capital’s investment management services include risk assessment, portfolio construction, investment recommendations and ongoing due diligence. We monitor and regularly modify client portfolio holdings as deemed advisable based on changing economic conditions. We also regularly measure our recommended investments’ correlations with their expected returns.

Leppla Capital incorporates the best of traditional asset management concepts and emerging technologies. Thus, we offer investments in all traditional asset classes. We have access to numerous sources of traditional direct equity investment financial analysis and research from many of the finest research firms on Wall Street. We provide online investment application and risk management tools, the use of technologies that facilitate client communication, website security, calendaring tools and similar technologies.

Client Goals: Typically, these are a mix of the following objectives:

Capital Preservation

Long Term Capital Growth


Inflation Protection

Volatility Mitigation

Moderate to Aggressive Equity Investment Speculation Depending on Risk Profile

Investment Selection: We address client goals and priorities through careful selection of Leppla Capital’s preferred investment choices. These investment choices are the product of rigorous financial and qualitative analysis and many years of experience.

In our view, the four most important factors in achieving optimal returns are: 1) proper asset allocation decisions consistent with risk appetite; 2) low fees and transaction costs; 3) investment selection, and 4) global diversification.

Proper asset allocation selections consistent with risk appetite:

Specific asset weightings are assigned based on:

  • For institutional clients, institutional investment policy statements; and

  • For individual clients, individual risk assessment and investment criteria.

Low Fees and Transaction Costs:

Returns are directly correlated with the level of Investment Advisor and third-party manager fees and investment
transaction costs.

Reducing fees and transaction costs to the lowest level consistent with high quality investments is an overarching priority.

Investment Selection:

Portfolios are constructed with the use of SEC registered ETFs or mutual funds that have high quality managers, solid track records, high expected returns, low expense ratios, narrow bid/ask spreads, substantial float and daily liquidity pricing. To the extent possible, LCM uses institutional share classes.

Direct equity investments are evaluated applying rigorous fundamental and technical analysis.

Global Diversification:

Global market returns are not always strongly correlated. Understanding where current opportunities exist is fundamental to
our strategy.

Leppla Capital has the knowledge, resources, and experience to help you achieve your financial objectives. 

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