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Results-Oriented Investment Consulting

Leppla Capital provides the analytical tools, market research, simulation models and industry expertise that foundations, endowments, union DB and DC plans, health and welfare funds and similarly situated organizations need to meet their investment goals and manage risk.

Our dedicated team of financial professionals helps fund managers maximize returns while simultaneously understanding how their portfolios will perform in an increasingly volatile world where geopolitical developments, government policy changes and a myriad of exogenous variables can result in sudden Value at Risk (“VAR”) shocks. We are the watchdogs that provide a level of analysis and monitoring that heretofore has only been available to the very large pension funds.

Leppla Capital in a fi360 Accredited Investment Fiduciary. We are scrupulous in seeking satisfactory investment outcomes for our clients. We never disclaim responsibility for our advice in fine print. We provide our services on a low cost, high value-add, tax efficient basis.

At Leppla Capital, we listen to our Clients as to what they can afford for professional investment consulting advice. We refuse to charge clients for unnecessary Tables, Graphs and information not directly relevant to their unique circumstances. Our mantra is Diligence, Integrity and Results. Leppla Capital is Fully Invested in Your Success.

Investment Consulting Services

At Leppla Capital, experience has taught us that the following core services are the most helpful in obtaining satisfactory financial results:

  • Developing and articulating for Clients macroeconomic trends and capital market assumptions that apply to their current and projected securities investments.
  • Consulting directly with our Clients to assess and understand their goals, timetables, cash flow demands on, and risk tolerances for, their accounts.
  • In consultation with our Client, evaluating and documenting appropriate asset allocation models for the Client’s accounts.
  • Preparing or revising one or more Investment Policy Statements (“IPS”) that reflect the goals and risk tolerances of each of the Client’s accounts. These are not “off the shelf;” rather, we structure our IPS’s specifically for each Client – each IPS is designed and written to achieve the Client’s account goals and to meet the Client’s cash flow demands.
  • Monitoring compliance by the Client’s investment managers with the relevant IPS.
  • Collaborating with the Client’s actuary to determine appropriate discount rates and other financial metrics as applicable to the Client accounts.
  • As requested, assisting our Client in selecting investment managers by asset class or other criterion.

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