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Leppla Capital Investor Subscription Service

Please see our companion website, A summary of our investment subscription service follows:

The securities markets are constantly in flux. It’s stressful and time-consuming to try to keep up with the action. And very few people have the time to research market investment options in a disciplined and consistent manner. 

Further, academic study after study shows that it is next to impossible to beat the market on a consistent basis. Mutual fund and ETF managers, as well as direct equity investment managers, may have a good year or several good years, but over a typical investment time horizon, they fail to consistently beat broad market returns. Of course, just like you, we know that there will inevitably be market downturns. But: in our view, remaining invested in excellent securities investment vehicles, and seeking to achieve broad market returns on a consistent basis over time, is the thoughtful investor's formula for success.

Leppla Capital’s Investor Subscription Service was constructed with this philosophy in mind. We thoroughly research and select the best investment vehicles that we believe the market offers. We then suggest how to balance your funds across these investment vehicles. In our view you should hold the right mix of investments to be diversified across factors such as industry, market capitalization, growth/value, domestic/international and, for certain investors, a limited allocation in more speculative investments that may provide excess market returns.

We also believe that you should not pay any more money than is necessary to achieve your financial objectives, and that your advisors should not choose investments in which they receive placement or referral fees. We serve as your trusted fiduciary, and make only unbiased, non-commission or other incentive recommendations that we own ourselves.  

Leppla Capital’s Investor Subscription Service gives you access to: 

  • Investment ideas based on our proprietary research;
  • A Risk Tolerance Questionnaire that will help you determine how to place your investments in a way that is consistent with your principles, which will help give you peace of mind;
  • Fund selections with clear summaries of why our research backs those funds;
  • Portfolios created with those funds that we believe will help you achieve a solid, diversified portfolio;
  • Comparison of market returns and portfolio/fund returns for each quarter;
  • Matrix of up/down sectors vs. market, so that you can uncover potentially undervalued investments;
  • Our monthly Market Review and Analysis Report that describes then current market conditions and provides our assessment of where the economy and the securities markets may be headed.

Client Centered

How do we achieve these objectives? First, our research is designed to uncover the Best-in-Class ETFs and mutual funds in each of the major investment asset classes. Second, we construct portfolios using those funds that we believe will meet, and may often exceed, applicable market benchmarks. Quarter by quarter we report to you the performance of our recommendations against comparable investments. Third, we provide periodic updates to our clients with suggested investment rebalancing modifications or other account changes that are easy to implement. 

In short, our service is designed for those who know that it is difficult to "beat" the market, that some investment vehicles are better than others, and that the cost of the funds they invest in is a critical component of success. They want unbiased, principled, decisive selections of the best funds and advice on how to allocate investments among those funds in a manner that aligns with their investment goals. Our subscriber’s investment term is typically long. Their money "rides" with peace of mind. 

Client Centered

Final thought: We know that many of our clients have accounts with a financial planner or broker whose function, for example, is to provide general financial advice such as retirement planning services. We believe that this can be a smart game plan. 

But our clients also know that owning a portfolio of highly liquid, low cost, best-in-class investment funds is a foundational strategy to build wealth. They want a bedrock account they don't have to worry about.

And they want to pay a fair price for value received, which is what we want as well. This is what the Leppla Capital Investor Subscription Service provides.

Does this sound like you?

If so, please visit our companion website, for all the details. Enrollment is easy. The service offers investors the benefit of what our team of professional investors has spent their careers learning.

We own what we recommend. We can provide no more compelling affirmation than that.

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