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For Accredited Investors

Leppla Capital manages money for high-net-worth investors on a fee for service basis.

In addition, Leppla Capital creates special limited partnership opportunities for accredited investors.

Opportunities include:

  • Income Generation Limited Partnership in formation;
  • An ESG and Impact Investment Limited Partnership in formation;
  • Bridge loan funds focused on high-end single family residences in affluent areas;
  • Real estate funds, such as multi-purpose residential real estate funds that focus on the purchase and management of small commercial or multi-family rental properties; 
  • Boutique hotel funds that focus on small hotels or motels that may need refreshment but are well located in vacation destinations; 
  • Private equity funds that focus on small businesses with unique attributes; and
  • Sophisticated long/short hedging and options strategies.
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If you are an accredited investor and reviewing these opportunities is of interest, please email